The Pledge Fund, The New Standard in Fundraising
As Simple as ABC

Current Fundraising Facts and Responsibilities


In every school system, there are Teachers, Coaches, PTA’s, Boosters, Alumni, Students and other groups turning to fundraising to support their school programs. Traditional fundraising efforts consist of time consuming events such as bake sales and car washes. While other efforts of re-selling product such as candy, pizza & cookie dough promote obesity and poor nutrition and, well, it takes up a great amount of freezer space!




The Pledge Fund Advantage


At The Pledge Fund, we know that individual donations are done in the spirit of giving, helping, and supporting a good cause in order to enhance the educational experience. Greater donations can be achieved, not by selling product, but rather by Promoting & Rewarding Student Achievements and Success. By providing motivation for the students to aim higher and achieve greater, the students support network responds with greater donations through a “community” involvement. Whether it is based on academic, athletic, music or other school program achievements, The Pledge Fund is the most powerful and most simple fundraising  program to implement.

Traditional fundraising methods put a monumental responsibility on students, parents, teachers, administrators and other volunteers. They must first become sales people to sell the products then, delivery people to distribute the product: and finally, financial managers to collect, account for, deposit funds, pay vendors and reimburse personal expenditures. And when the dust settles, what’s left but a low 25-50% percent profit for such a massive physical effort.