The New Standard in School Fundraising

Pledge Fund Facts and Responsibilities:

• Promotes & Rewards Student and School-wide Achievements

• Simple, organized and professionally managed service

• Easy to understand and implement.

• No expense to the school or charity to implement.

• Greater donations.

• Increased involvement by the student’s support network, i.e. “family &
  friends of.”

• 100% profit margin vs. 25-50% on product sales.

• Can enhance or eliminate other fundraising efforts

• Fundraise for more than one program, department, or team at a time

• Financial responsibility burden on The Pledge Fund

 - Invoicing, collection and distribution of funds

 - Detailed accounting records and notarized affidavits

We Eliminate the Burdens of:

   • Selling products and the time, effort, and people power required to do so.

   • Purchasing, inventory and distribution of products

   • Invoicing, collecting and handling funds by students, teachers & parents

   • Accounting responsibilities and liabilities

   • Low 25% to 50% returns for the massive physical effort

We do the work!

For more information on The Pledge Fund and how it can help your organization go to our "Contact Us" page.